Google Places Autocomplete improves RV rental user experience

RVshare, a peer-to-peer website that connects RV owners and travelers, enhances the user experience with a custom map of RV rental sites. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Founded in 2013, RVshare became the first and largest RV rental marketplace utilized across the United States. RVshare matches RV owners with those seeking to rent RVs suited for their travel […]

Optimizing the Google geocoding API in a custom application

Autobrain, a car platform that monitors and communicates vital vehicle information, implements the Google Geocoding API and other powerful Google Maps Platform features. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Autobrain is a connected car platform that monitors and communicates vital vehicle information such as car location, trip reports, crash reports and more. While building the software in 2013, Autobrain […]

Create a great conversational experience with ChatBot

YAssir promises an innovative, comfortable and quality transportation service facilitated by an easy-to-use mobile application and ChatBot. BUSINESS CHALLENGE YAssir, an innovative alternative to common transport, offers a modern ridesharing program for customers throughout Algeria. Aiming to create an intuitive, all-in-one app, YAssir has searched for a platform that can easily adapt to various cultures […]

Mobile ticketing company offers advanced map features

Tixora, a consumer-friendly mobile ticketing solution, implements Google Maps Platform for advanced map features. BUSINESS CHALLENGE In 2015, Tixora began as an event ticketing solution. After proving its expertise, Tixora was asked to provide ticketing services for Milwaukee’s fixed-route public transit system. The mobile app needed a scalable and reliable mapping platform to support a […]

Building a remote sensing platform with Google technology

Through the use of Google Earth Engine (GEE), PlanetWatchers improves crop monitoring and analysis services for the North American crop insurance industry. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Crop insurance is a critical component of the agriculture sector in North America, protecting producers and ensuring food supply chain stability. Providing accurate data collection and validation are some of the […]

Building an interactive map with Google Maps

Wild Dunes, an oceanfront resort located in Isle of Palms, SC., builds an interactive map with Google Maps Platform. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Located on 1,600 acres in the Isle of Palms, South Carolina, Wild Dunes is a beach-lover’s paradise. The resort offers endless amenities ranging from beachside dining to luxurious spas to award-winning golf courses. With […]

Truck Driver visibility and navigation with familiar map interface

Cassens Transport, a premier automotive logistics company, leverages Google Maps Platform and its familiar map interface. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Hauling new cars since 1933, Cassens Transport, based in Edwardsville, IL, has long been a reputable provider of premier automotive logistics services. Cassens Transport saw the importance of integrating a mapping platform that could provide drivers with […]

Monitoring assets with Google Maps route optimization

Nuve, a global leader for cargo visibility and protection technology, utilizes Google Maps route optimization to protect and monitor assets. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Nuve identified a unique opportunity to expand its software and better help asset management companies protect, control and monitor their assets. Nearly all Nuve clients using trailers or other equipment to haul merchandise […]

Creating a safer environment through a dynamic map

As the largest geolocator of crime data in the U.S., SpotCrime uses Google’s dynamic map and other APIs to precisely display crime locations. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Founded in 2007, SpotCrime is a crime data aggregator with a goal to provide the most accurate, timely geocoded crime information to the public. Collecting data from police departments and […]

Implementing productivity tools for improved collaboration

Homie Real Estate, a multi-stacked real estate platform, enables best-in-class customer experiences with Google Workspace productivity tools. BUSINESS CHALLENGE The team at Homie Real Estate discovered periodic email disruptions and security issues. This caused operational challenges and negatively impacted customer service. To maximize independent agents’ success, the real estate organization also wanted to equip them […]