Custom energy management solutions for on-demand issue identification

Landis+Gyr, a leading provider of integrated energy management solutions, implements Google Maps to improve electrical grid management.


For over a century, Landis+Gyr has been a reputable leader in energy management solutions. Landis+Gyr provides utility clients across the globe with innovative and insightful solutions to improve operations, protect assets and lower operating costs. With the end user top of mind, Landis+Gyr made the decision to implement a mapping platform into its Advanced Grid Analytics (AGA) application.


  • Convenient, intuitive, and visually appealing mapping interface

  • Easy-to-adopt solution provides robust insights for quick decision-making

  • Integrate seamlessly and save development time

“As far as usability, A+. Everyone knows Google Maps.”


Landis+Gyr has worked with Woolpert Digital Innovations on the implementation of Google Maps since 2014. Senior Product Manager, Frederic Dubois stated, “When it comes to our customers, only the best will do. We are thrilled to offer the Google Maps Platform as part of our AGA app, and working with Woolpert Digital Innovations has been great. Very cordial, on point and responsive.”


Landis+Gyr’s Advanced Grid Analytics (AGA) application enables utility teams to identify current issues, manage assets and create proactive strategies for improving electrical grids. At first, the team discussed building its own mapping solution, but quickly realized that integrating Google Maps Platform into the established AGA application would be faster, simpler and more effective.

Landis+Gyr’s AGA application displays distribution data over Google’s Dynamic Map. With the familiar Google Maps interface, users can pan and zoom to check meter statuses, and additional elevation layers enable users to identify connection issues, such as whether the meter is in a valley where the network is weaker.

Street View API enables utility companies to view utility poles and wires from a street-view perspective, making it possible to compare current situations with historical data to identify factors responsible for outages. For example, knowing what types of trees grow near utility assets or which areas are prone to traffic accidents can be crucial to decision-making. Having experienced success with Google Maps APIs, Landis+Gyr continues to explore other Google Maps features for supplementing AGA and creating fantastic user experiences. These features include Places Autocomplete for address searching and Distance Matrix for distance calculations.

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