man at front desk helping woman who is holding a smart phone

Streamline the check-in process.

Leverage GeoAwareness capabilities to ensure accommodations are ready for arrival and enable guests to check in on their phones.

Create an immersive environment.

Offer an interactive map for guests to search and explore places of interest, including local amenities, activities, dining options and more.

woman on city sidewalk pointing to augmented reality map showing destinations
man and woman pointing to digital screen of a map

Elevate your marketing.

Store and analyze traveler data, behavior and preferences to geotarget your marketing efforts and collect insights with Google Cloud for future site selection.

Put travel planning in their hands.

Develop a mobile application for users to manage their travel and accommodations on the go. AppSheet, a Google Workspace platform, is a no-code development tool—perfect for smaller boutiques and startup travel apps.

man and woman outside grand building looking at smart phone smiling
woman working behind desk at a hotel

Connect your team and secure your data.

Launch your operation on Google Workspace to create individual emails for employees, share and access relevant documents and store essential information securely on Google Cloud. We can also support the migration of acquisitions and mergers to a single workspace.

Access support when you need it.

We’ll be there every step of the way to get you started, optimize your process and ensure your platforms are efficient and cost-effective.

woman sitting at table with laptop and coffee shaking someones hand
Katie Sheppard
Director of Marketing, Suncadia


I’m not a tech guru. Using Google was so nice because I didn’t have to learn something new. I could do it quickly, and then I am able to easily train someone else.

Ashleigh Irving
Marketing Director, Wild Dunes

Wild Dunes

In this day and age, everybody is familiar with Google Maps and the ability to navigate to their destinations via their phones. We wanted to create something similar for guests on our property.

François de Landes
COO and Co-founder, misterb&b


We would not be able to function as a business if we did not use Google Maps.


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