Google Places Autocomplete improves RV rental user experience

RVshare, a peer-to-peer website that connects RV owners and travelers, enhances the user experience with a custom map of RV rental sites.


Founded in 2013, RVshare became the first and largest RV rental marketplace utilized across the United States. RVshare matches RV owners with those seeking to rent RVs suited for their travel needs. As the company gained traction, they prioritized displaying their rental locations on a map to improve user experience.


  • Boost conversion rates through streamlined search experience

  • Familiar, user-friendly map for exploring local rentals

  • Precise representation of distance between renter and owner

“Part of our product strategy is to focus on what we are great at—and that’s building internet marketplaces. But, ingrained in that is making sure we have partners who are great at what they do and can grow and scale with us. It was a really easy decision for us to go with Google.”


RVshare has worked with Woolpert Digital Innovations on the implementation of Google Maps since 2018. The RVshare team stated that Woolpert Digital Innovations has been a fantastic and proactive partner, helping provide ideas and maintain an optimal implementation. VP of Product Melissa Turner Fortenberry stated, “Last summer our booking volume tripled, and with that kind of growth, it impacted Google Maps. So having a partner like Woolpert Digital Innovations was important.”


RVshare implemented Google Maps Platform to deliver a simple, reliable and intuitive RV rental search experience. With Google Maps Platform, Place Autocomplete easily enables users to provide an accurate pickup location. Once an address is identified, a list of local RV options is presented, accompanied by Google’s dynamic map to precisely display where each RV is located. Thanks to Distance Matrix, the RV listings state the mileage between the owner and renter.

“The ability for renters to specifically understand where the RV is located is a key decision-making component of what drives bookings for us,” explained VP of Product Melissa Turner Fortenberry.“ The combined features help renters efficiently find a local RV best suited to their needs, saving time spent searching online so they can get on the road sooner.”

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