Redefining intercity bus service with address verification


OurBus, a private bus service covering more than 300 routes a day, is redefining their intercity service with Google’s address verification.

Founded in 2016, OurBus operates a private bus service that covers more than 300 routes and makes over 70 trips every day. With an extensive list of routes and a rapidly growing customer base, OurBus recognized the need for a mapping solution to increase its app functionality and reliability.


  • Seamless scalability as the company grows

  • User confidence with familiar mapping interface

  • Visibility into accurate transit times

"Woolpert Digital Innovations provides us with support all the time, and it's been excellent."


OurBus has worked with Woolpert Digital Innovations as its Google Premier Partner since 2018. Referring to the experience working with Woolpert Digital Innovations, Senior Product Manager Shreya Batra stated, “It’s been excellent, just excellent. We recently went through an optimization exercise with Woolpert Digital Innovations, and they helped us go through our code, look at our APIs, what’s performing from Google and what we can do better to save some money or save time. It’s just great support; that’s why we’re sticking with Woolpert Digital Innovations.”


OurBus found Google Maps Platform to be the perfect fit for its transit ticketing solution because it offers advanced mapping features and easily integrates into OurBus’ mobile app.  OurBus Developer Manager Pradeep Sharma explained why Google Maps was the preferred mapping solution: “Honestly, we didn’t try any other solution because we already knew that Google is performing far better than any other solution out there.” 

OurBus capitalizes on various Google Maps APIs such as Places Autocomplete to make searching for addresses easy, quick and accurate. At the same time, Distance Matrix API enables travelers to plan their trips efficiently using precisely calculated bus routes and travel times. Roads API enables OurBus users and dispatchers to help with the tracking process and relay critical data such as speed limits for smoother, safer driving experiences.

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