Backed by the power of Google, and with vast experience in retail, services and transportation, Woolpert Digital Innovations has the tools and knowledge to transform routing and delivery across your business.


60 million

kilometers of roads mapped

10 billion

geocodes delivered monthly

800 million

routes delivered daily

man with backpack and cell phone waiting at crosswalk in the city


  • Capture pickup and destination information and provide ETAs to improve ride experience.
  • Use Autocomplete to return place predictions and pre-populate addresses.
  • Identify ideal pickup and drop-locations to facilitate easier interactions.

Deliver fast, reliable routes.

  • Provide fast-reliable routes with Routes Preferred.
  • Customize routes by time, distance or cost according to your needs.
  • Deliver ETAs using motorbike routes and side-of-road preferences.
man and woman in car with woman holding smart phone displaying a map on screen
woman in car using smart phone on a holder on the dashboard

Optimize driver allocation.

  • Use Nearby Drivers to find the right driver for the job.
  • Increase fleet efficiency by selecting drivers based on driving ETA, custom ranking models or real-time traffic.
  • Give customers the option to request specific vehicle types using attributes like available seats.

Help drivers navigate right in your app.

  • Offer a seamless driver experience with in-app navigation when you put controls, critical ride tasks and alerts at the drivers’ fingertips.
  • Provide your drivers with familiar, turn-by-turn, Google Maps directions; lane level guidance; speed limits; motorbike routes and more.
  • Gain insights into routes to optimize pickup and drop-off and customize the look and feel to match your brand.
passenger in vehicles hand holding smart phone showing route on a map
hands holding smart phone showing a courier delivery en route

Keep customers informed with live progress.

  • Help customers stay in the know from pickup to drop-off or delivery with Trip & Order Progress.
  • Show real-time route progress, ETA and traffic conditions for more satisfied customers and fewer cancellations.
  • Rely on Google to build, scale and maintain this service for reduced development costs.


Trip and order planning.

Pickup/drop-off selection.

Driver navigation.

Advanced routing.

Dispatch optimization.

Trip and order progress.

Explore the capabilities of Google Maps Platform Route Optimization (GMPRO) through Google Fleet Routing App

Interested in GMPRO and want to try it for yourself? The Google Fleet Routing application is an exploratory tool for users to try out GMPRO. Google and Woolpert have worked together to build this application so developers can understand how to model their use cases before they write any code.

Watch our demo video below to discover the many features of GMPRO, including how to reduce fuel and labor costs.

line of parked cargo vans

Improve fleet utilization to save fuel and labor costs.

Increase productivity by solving challenges fast and making scenario-based decisions.

hands holding smart tablet showing transportation and logistics information with a background of semi trucks
woman driving delivery vehicle with orange vest on

Recover from disruptions and offer updates in real time.



Balance an unlimited number of goals such as customer satisfaction (timely delivery/pickup or missed visits), revenue, cost service and employee satisfaction.

Fleet Properties

Manage your vehicles and their properties (cost per mile/hour, capacity dimensions, and features). You can also manage visit duration per vehicle and driver experience and qualifications.

Routing Parameters

Monitor parameters like pickup and delivery, traffic considerations, unloading, hard/soft time windows, skipped visit penalties, visit alternatives for pickup/delivery and more.

Rules and Regulations

Oversee fixed and flexible work times, break rules and regulations, costs of overtime and shipment compatibility.



Address Capture

Reduce undeliverable addresses or inaccurate entries. Simply provide an address field with autocomplete capabilities that allow users to begin typing in their address and choose from a list of suggested locations or confirm a location.

Route Optimization

Boost driver productivity and provide customers more accurate delivery times. It’s easy to assign and organize tasks to drivers based on territory, traffic or other factors. You can also offer your drivers the ability to view and edit their routes individually while on the go.

Driver Routing and Navigation

Improve driver satisfaction and productivity by providing a view of a full day route, along with turn-by-turn navigation. They can easily preview it ahead of time and provide accurate ETAs for each stop.

Shipment Tracking

Give customers a clear view of when and where their delivery will arrive with real-time location updates, route overview and ETAs that adjust based on traffic or other factors.

Fleet Performance

Similar to Shipment Tracking, you’ll gain a full view of real-time location updates, route overview and adjusted ETAs for your full fleet to determine overall efficiency.

hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle

Offer turn-by-turn navigation for your drivers, optimized for delivery tasks with accurate, real-time ETAs for your customers.

Execute a full day of delivery tasks.

delivery driver using smart tablet in delivery vehicle
cargo van on the road driving

Navigate drivers along pre-planned routes.

Monitor locations of vehicles across the fleet in real time.

graphic design image of a map with a 3-d van on one of the roads
kids standing at window of house as delivery driver walks up holding a package

Provide shippers/receivers with real-time locations of delivery vehicles and accurate ETAs.



Scalability and Security

Grow with confidence knowing you are backed by Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Location Knowledge

View accurate, precise customer locations calculated with near-real-time data.

Geofence Alerts

Customize geofences and receive notification of approaching consumers.

In-House Hosting

Manage and monitor data in your own Google Cloud project.

Data Analysis

Integrate with spatial insights/Spatial BI to get the most out of your data.

man in vehicle receiving food in a bag from a worker

Capture customer location in real time with predefined geofences.

Improve the customer experience and streamline internal operations.

hands holding smartphone with five stars above phone
woman handing credit card to man behind counter

Receive alerts to approaching customers and initiate the service or fulfillment process.


Tap into our insights to gain a better understanding of our expertise, the changing landscape and how we can support your business.

Chirag Mital
Director, Data Science, Revel


Woolpert Digital Innovations & Google's ODRD service has elevated Revel's core technical capabilities in scaling our all-electric rideshare business. It has had a dramatic impact on both the end-user app experience and the efficiency of our internal optimization algorithms.

Ignacio Carrillo-Batalla
CTO, Yummy


By partnering with Woolpert Digital Innovations, we are able to utilize Google Maps Platform more efficiently and ensure that our drivers know exactly where they are going and how to get there. And it’s a win for our customers who get their rides faster.

Aleksey Denysyuk
Co-Founder, VanOnGo


Using Woolpert Digital Innovations’ expertise in mobility solutions, we can deliver a unique, customer-centric experience and disrupt the market with Google Maps Platform. VanOnGo’s mission is to transform logistics from a traditional cost function into a business growth and delivery experience.

Alok Ahuja
CEO and Co-founder, Trexity


Woolpert Digital Innovations was recommended to us by Google because we had infrastructure issues and questions around fleet optimization. Our team benefits from their expertise in mobility and premium customer support.

Noureddine Tayebi
CEO, YAssir


We wouldn’t have a service if we didn’t have Google Maps, simple as that.

Ben Jones
Founder, Skipcart


Google is one of the top map providers in the U.S., and globally, for that matter. We were a startup at that point, so an accurate and scalable partner like Google was crucial.

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