Optimizing the Google geocoding API in a custom application

Autobrain, a car platform that monitors and communicates vital vehicle information, implements the Google Geocoding API and other powerful Google Maps Platform features.


Autobrain is a connected car platform that monitors and communicates vital vehicle information such as car location, trip reports, crash reports and more. While building the software in 2013, Autobrain knew the importance of integrating a mapping platform that could supply rich location data and the most accurate information to application users.


  • Easy-to-use APIs expedite development and bring new features to market

  • Using Google’s wide range of data, Autobrain is a connected car platform

  • With the familiar interface, users can enjoy the mapping experience they are accustomed to

“We cannot imagine Autobrain without Google. At the core level, it is integrated with what we do.“


A quickly increasing volume of usage prompted Autobrain to switch to Woolpert Digital Innovations as its Google partner. The move enabled Autobrain to take advantage of Woolpert Digital Innovation’s volume price discounts and one-on-one customer support.

“We have seen the benefits of working with Woolpert Digital Innovations. I’d say that we were able to solve our major challenges because we had Woolpert Digital Innovations on our team. I don’t know if we would have been able to do it alone,” stated Autobrain Co-Founder and CEO, Jeremy Gelbart.


For Autobrain, Google Maps Platform had a huge advantage over other options due to its widely familiar map interface and data-packed APIs. Once the Autobrain device is installed in a vehicle, important information is communicated to the platform and presented through Google Maps APIs.

Using the Geocoding API, users can pinpoint the exact location of their vehicles on a map (with precise coordinates) and Street View API allows them to see those locations from the street’s perspective. Roads API tracks routes traveled and speed limits, enabling users to monitor driver behavior and encourage safe driving. Drivers can also receive clear, real-time navigation directions thanks to Directions API.

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