hands holding smart tablet showing a map of real estate listings for sale

Simplify the search.

Help customers connect with real estate professionals and search available properties in their area with Google Maps or via mobile application.

Elevate your marketing.

Store and analyze customer data, behavior and preferences to geotarget your marketing efforts and collect insights with Google Cloud for future location selection.

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people at a computer in an office with icons in foreground

Connect your team and secure your data.

Launch your operation on Google Workspace to create individual emails and phone lines for real estate agents, share and access relevant documents and store essential information securely on Google Cloud. We can also support the migration of acquisitions and mergers to a single workspace.

Access support when you need it.

We’ll be there every step of the way to get you started, optimize your processes and ensure your platforms are efficient and cost-effective.

woman at desk in office talking on phone
Daniel Moore
CEO, Propelio


Being able to integrate Google Maps into our platform felt very natural and was easy to become accustomed to. So, the learning curve was much shorter.


Tap into our insights to gain a better understanding of our expertise, the changing landscape and how we can support your business.

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