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YAssir promises an innovative, comfortable and quality transportation service facilitated by an easy-to-use mobile application and ChatBot.


YAssir, an innovative alternative to common transport, offers a modern ridesharing program for customers throughout Algeria. Aiming to create an intuitive, all-in-one app, YAssir has searched for a platform that can easily adapt to various cultures and backgrounds in order to provide users with safe and fast transportation experiences.


  • Achieved up to 20% weekly growth

  • Expanded into 14 new cities and 2 countries

  • Over 1 million application downloads

“We wouldn’t have a service if we didn’t have Google Maps, simple as that.”


Rolling out commercial services in October 2017, YAssir achieved great success with the Places, Directions and Geocoding APIs. In the YAssir app, the Geocoding API enables users to select destination points rather than exact addresses, and Directions API provides drivers with precise, efficient directions to those destinations.

Working with such a powerful and complete mapping platform has enabled YAssir not only to flourish, but also to extend operations into 14 new territories. The Google Maps Platform integration allows YAssir to adapt app functionality to the cultural nuances of different user locations. Additionally, the new ChatBot feature uses Facebook Messenger to accommodate further cultural differences.

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