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Built on partnerships, driven by experiences.

As a premier Google partner for nearly a decade, and with over 50 years of geospatial experience, Woolpert Digital Innovations is committed to providing location-based technologies and cloud solutions for businesses around the world.

Discover the geospatial advantage.

We’ve spent years creating extraordinary value by applying geospatial technology to traditional architecture and engineering projects. As our clients’ needs evolved, so have our services.

Today, we’re proud to offer leading-edge technology products, solutions, services and support that go above and beyond the typical service provider to solve our clients’ complex, location-based challenges.

Every project receives the benefits of our vast background of methodology, expertise and innovation, so whether we’re integrating raw products or implementing custom solutions, you can be confident that our team of experts will advance your initiatives effectively and efficiently.

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Achieve a better experience for you and your customers.

Your goal is to set your business apart in the industry—let us help with the day-to-day tasks that can get in your way. Many clients have garnered great results, improved efficiency and increased satisfaction by working with Woolpert Digital Innovations.

Let’s make location-centric technology work for you.

A History of Advancement


Launched Google partnership by reselling Google Maps API


Earned Google Premier Partner Status

Awarded Google Cloud Fastest Growing Company Award


Named Google Partner of the Year for Location-Based Services

Expanded partnership into Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace (formerly GSuite)


Launched GeoAwareness, soon named one of “7 Digital Platforms and Solutions Restaurants Should Invest In” by FSR Magazine

Achieved Retail and Automotive Expertise for Google Cloud Partner Program


Achieved expertise in business and professional services, energy and utilities, Google Cloud Compute, Google Cloud Databases, asset tracking, cloud natives, and small and medium business

Secured partnership with Planet to expand offerings for local government via satellite and aerial data, imagery and Google Earth Engine

Named Google Partner of the Year for Location-Based Services


Awarded Planet’s Civil Government Partner of the Year Honor

Expanded Google partnership into Europe, becoming first authorized partner to resell Google Earth Engine in the region

Launched new brand, Woolpert Digital Innovations, for Google Premier Partnership



Jon Downey

Managing Director, Woolpert Digital Innovations
Senior Vice President, Woolpert

Jon Downey is responsible for Woolpert Digital Innovations’ strategic direction, vision, growth and performance. A trailblazer in innovative cloud solutions, specifically location-based services, Jon has a vast background of shifting enterprises to the cloud.

As a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of experience, Jon is known for driving brand growth, maximizing operational efficiency and delivering financial performance. He most recently served as vice president and director of Google Cloud and Maps at Woolpert, where he was responsible for establishing processes and infrastructure that supported the company’s high-growth strategy. Prior to that, Jon was Woolpert’s CIO, where he led branding, sales, marketing and operations and managed the enterprise’s developmental pipeline.

Jon went to Wright State University where he specialized in management information systems, computer science and management. He is based at Woolpert’s headquarters in Dayton, Ohio.


Rick Bennett

Director of Cloud Sales, Woolpert Digital Innovations
Vice President, Woolpert

Rick Bennett is an optimistic and enthusiastic sales professional with over seven years of experience as a cloud-based solutions sales manager.

Renowned for his strong business knowledge, sales strategies, innovative approaches and exceptional customer success skills, Rick excels in helping clients select the best products on the market. He most recently served as an account executive for Google Cloud and Maps at Woolpert, where he primarily worked with enterprises to create and implement location strategies leveraging Google Maps Platform.

Rick holds a B.S. in sports leadership and humanities from The Ohio State University. He is based at Woolpert’s headquarters in Dayton, Ohio.


David Hollema

Lead Customer Engineer, Woolpert Digital Innovations
Associate, Woolpert

David Hollema implements Google cloud-based geosolutions and has built microservices environments, traditional web applications and big data/analytics.

With more than a decade of experience, David is an expert in geospatial software architecture and development, including both open source and Esri technologies. With Woolpert since 2019, he is certified in Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps Platform and Esri products.

David holds a B.S. in geophysical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and an MBA in information systems from the University of Colorado Denver. He also received a certificate in GIS and cartography from the University of Colorado Denver. David is based in Denver.


Jessica Baculik

Director of Marketing, Woolpert Digital Innovations
Associate, Woolpert

Jessica Baculik is responsible for corporate and strategic partner relations, marketing programs and brand management.

With close to 20 years of experience, Jessica is known for accelerating brand growth and delivering strong ROIs. During her tenure at Woolpert, she led marketing initiatives for the Innovation, Geospatial Government Solutions and Technology Services groups. She was instrumental in launching the CARES Act Program to assist clients in obtaining federal funding support through the pandemic.

Jessica holds a B.S. in marketing from Penn State University and received a certificate in business analytics from Harvard Business School Online. Jessica is based out of the greater Cincinnati area.

Nate Wilhelmi

Nate Wilhelmi

Director of Professional Services, Woolpert Digital Innovations
Associate, Woolpert

Nate Wilhelmi provides the strategic vision and leads service delivery for Woolpert Digital Innovations. He is responsible for developing strategies and operations to deliver best-in-class services to assist customers accelerate their digital transformation. Additionally, he collaborates with the sales and customer engineering teams to meet client service needs.

Nate joined Woolpert in 2019, bringing experience in the total life cycle of software delivery and operations. As a business leader, he has served in a variety of capacities, including business development and organizational leadership in both private and non-profit organizations. 

Nate holds a B.S. in construction management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he co-founded a software development company as an undergraduate. He currently holds Google Professional Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, Network Engineer and Security Engineer certifications. Nate is based out of Longmont, CO. 

George Azzari

Director of AI, Woolpert Digital Innovations

George leads the Cloud Geography and Geospatial AI team, a sector where Earth Observations, Cloud Engineering, and all Data Science disciplines come together to solve complex, planetary-scale problems. George’s professional journey has been centered on bridging advanced tech innovation with social impact applications. Before joining Woolpert, he helped a few organizations take on many global challenges, such as food security, poverty, supply chain, climate change, and biodiversity. He served as a Research Scientist in academia and had several technical and product roles in early-stage deep-tech startups. George holds a PhD in Earth System Science and has a background in Physics. When he’s not staring at satellite images, he likes to read, exercise, and cook; but, in reality, he just ends up watching spy and sci-fi TV shows.

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