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Our services are designed to help you succeed.

You have important goals for your business; don’t let the cumbersome, day-to-day tasks hold you back. Our location-based services can be customized to streamline and optimize your operation down to the smallest details—so you can focus on the big picture.

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Location-Based Services

As a leader in the geospatial industry, Woolpert Digital Innovations helps clients with their location-based project needs. Our deep experience in building location-based systems is backed by our parent company with land surveyors, geostatisticians and other geospatial professionals on staff.

Our cloud engineers are certified across various public cloud platforms and specialize in Google Cloud products and services such as Google Maps and Google Earth Engine.

However, our services go beyond simple Google Maps APIs. We provide cloud-native engineering and project resources for enterprises looking to modernize their business-critical applications and products.

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Cloud Native Development

Woolpert Digital Innovations offers cloud-first custom app development, including specialized product-quality software, publicly visible apps and private software for large-scale usage.

Clients can leverage Google Cloud’s end-to-end platform to accelerate developer productivity, simplify operations, and build security and compliance into the software delivery process. Plus, we ensure optimal maintenance for clients once the apps are built and implemented.

  • Gain speed with reliability and security.
  • Focus on code instead of managing infrastructure.
  • Reduce risks with open-source technology.
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Through our location data optimization services, Woolpert Digital Innovations can help you review and improve both cost and performance for your Google Maps and Google Cloud projects. Through hands-on discovery, we address key concerns around overall utilization and efficiencies.

Here’s how:

  • Identify areas for optimization that matter to clients.
  • Take initial actions on the optimizations that are achievable in the time available.
  • Plan for subsequent deployment work as next steps.
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Data and Analytics

Data is big, alive and valuable. We help make it simple, accessible and useful. Our services begin with our data engineers helping organizations capture data, perform ETL, design, plan and execute data modernization, and more.

To help visualize, report and intelligently consume enterprise data, Woolpert Digital Innovations offers products and services to help your data analysts and business leaders make informed decisions.

In addition, with data comes AI/ML opportunities. We have services that help organizations develop an AI/ML blueprint roadmap, establish MLops, or with the help of our data scientists, design, model and deploy AI/ML solutions.

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Workspace Migration

In addition to helping organizations implement Google Workspace across a robust set of licensing options—often with partner promotional pricing options—Woolpert Digital Innovations can help migrate your mail, calendar, contacts and cloud drive data.

Whether you’re moving from an external platform or another Google Workspace domain, we can help your organization with technical, people and process change management.


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