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Streamline order delivery and fleet management.

Implement Mobility Solutions to keep your fleet moving with dispatch and turn-by-turn navigation, and keep your customers updated with real-time ETAs.

Map and track your assets all over the globe.

Plan efficient routes to reach multiple locations or generate suggested routes based on traffic conditions. Then, track shipments from origination points to their final destinations and notify warehouse staff of incoming shipments with GeoAwareness.

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hands using smart tablet displaying graphs

Create a successful supply chain.

Leverage data and analytics for fleet health monitoring and optimization, compliance, safety reporting and auditing. Plus, you can build or improve applications for shipment/container tracking and transportation management systems.

Connect your team and secure your data.

Share relevant documents with drivers and other employees on Google Workspace and store essential information securely on Google Cloud.

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Access support when you need it.

We’ll be there every step of the way to get you started, optimize your processes and ensure your platforms are efficient and cost-effective.

Chirag Mital
Director, Data Science, Revel


Woolpert Digital Innovations & Google's ODRD service has elevated Revel's core technical capabilities in scaling our all-electric rideshare business. It has had a dramatic impact on both the end-user app experience and the efficiency of our internal optimization algorithms.

Aleksey Denysyuk
Co-Founder, VanOnGo


Using Woolpert Digital Innovations’ expertise in mobility solutions, we can deliver a unique, customer-centric experience and disrupt the market with Google Maps Platform. VanOnGo’s mission is to transform logistics from a traditional cost function into a business growth and delivery experience.

Paul Falbe
IT Director, Cassens Transport

Cassens Transport

This trucking company is pretty sophisticated, but any time we can do something more efficiently, we do it. That’s why we partner with Woolpert for Google Maps.

Shreya Batra
Senior Product Manager, OurBus


Woolpert Digital Innovations provides us with support all the time, and it’s been excellent.

Noureddine Tayebi
CEO, YAssir


We wouldn’t have a service if we didn’t have Google Maps, simple as that.


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