Google Workspace

Everything you need to do your best work, in one place.

A workspace should fit how you operate. Woolpert Digital Innovations has the knowledge, resources and support to help you maximize your digital workspace to achieve your productivity goals.


Valuable Connections

Communicating and collaborating with your team has never been easier. Reach your colleagues anywhere, at any time.

Effective Solutions

Find easy-to-use tools to bring your project to life and enable your team to work together in real time.

Full Access

Easily store, organize and share files in the cloud with confidence knowing that your assets are in one place, secure and readily available.

Direct Control

Manage your users, data and devices, while administering security measures such as two-factor authentication and single sign-on to protect your data.

What’s included in your Google Workspace?

You can find all of these applications within your integration, and we’ll walk you through each one step by step to ensure you’re set for success. 


Conduct business through secure, private and ad-free email.


Streamline scheduling with integrated online calendars designed for teams.


Store and share your files securely in the cloud.


Analyze data with smart spreadsheets.


Develop surveys and forms with ease.


Facilitate productive community discussions.

Apps Script

Automate, integrate and extend Google Workspace.


Connect with your team from anywhere with easy-to-join video calls.


Simplify one-to-one and group messaging.


Create and edit text documents.


Construct beautiful presentations.


Create impactful team sites effortlessly.


Capture what's important and get more done.

Cloud Search

Enable powerful searches across Google Workspace.


Manage user, device and security settings.


Archive, search and export information.


Manage data securely on mobile devices.

Work Insights

Leverage organizational insights on adoption, work patterns and collaboration.


Enable everyone in your organization to build and extend applications without coding through AppSheet.



Take advantage of one-on-one consulting to assess your operations and workflows, share proven best practices and develop a roadmap for your success.

Change Management

We navigate the organizational change of adopting Google Workspace by analyzing your organization, engaging executive sponsorship, and developing and executing communication and training plans.

Developer and Technical Support

Enjoy a customized experience based on what you need to succeed. Whether you require basic developer training or a complete prototype build, our long-tenured development staff will guide and assist you as needed.

License Management Portal

Google Workspace super admins can easily manage seat permissions through the Woolpert Connect customer portal. Efficiently view or update your Google Workspace account information, including existing subscriptions, primary contact details and your company’s license cap (maximum number of license seats).

Gary Graham
Application Analyst , 9Rooftops


The collaboration has been exceptionally easy. Woolpert demonstrated proactive support, particularly in troubleshooting billing issues.

Erik Ostebo
IT Manager, Homie Real Estate

Homie Real Estate

Google Workspace makes it easy to support 130 users on my own, which can be extremely difficult, but with the combined efforts of Woolpert’s support, I have a wide range of capabilities.

Ignacio Carrillo-Batalla
CTO, Yummy


Over time, you'll need access control, to be able to store more gigabytes of data, and to operate more efficiently, and I think that won't be possible without Woolpert and Workspace.


Tap into our insights to gain a better understanding of our expertise, the changing landscape and how we can support your business.

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