Woolpert Digital Innovations specializes in building custom map locators with Google Maps for best-in-class website and mobile application mapping experiences. And, we solve the challenges of data hosting by using Google Cloud and syncing your data with your systems of record.


With these tools and features, we can help you build an effective custom map locator for a better customer experience:

Best practices from Google Locator Plus implementation guide

Core set of store attributes plus flexible models for custom field support

Extensible action models to provide customer-specific links from store listing cards and map pop-ups

Custom branding via CSS and GMP server-side map styling

Plug-in support for a wide variety of customer systems of record

Integrates with most web platforms (CMS, low-code platforms, etc.)

Katie Sheppard
Director of Marketing, Suncadia


I’m not a tech guru. Using Google was so nice because I didn’t have to learn something new. I could do it quickly, and then I am able to easily train someone else.

Ashleigh Irving
Marketing Director, Wild Dunes

Wild Dunes

In this day and age, everybody is familiar with Google Maps and the ability to navigate to their destinations via their phones. We wanted to create something similar for guests on our property.

Chris Shirer
President and Chief Strategist, Madison + Fifth

Madison + Fifth

We chose Google Maps and Google Maps APIs to do it because Google offers a familiar interface for our customers, lets us layer custom information on top of maps and provides a platform that will allow us to add new features, like delivering relevant, location-based ads.

Bo Lowery
Vice President of Marketing, Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

You can’t run your business without Google Maps these days and tapping into Google’s best practices.


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