Google Workspace: The Future of the Digital Workspace

Jeff Morgan

Innovation, by definition, is “a new idea, method or device.” In short, innovation means change—and not just any change, but a change for the better. The new Google Workspace is innovation times three. With the introduction of Google Workspace this month, the future of the digital workspace looks bright with three distinct areas of innovation: new branding, new features and new pricing plans. And these changes are all for the better.

1. Branding: Goodbye, G Suite. Hello, Google Workspace.

While the new name is a mouthful (double the syllables), it is a positive change in a couple ways. First, it includes one of the world’s most valuable brands, “Google,” in the product name. Second, the product name is more descriptive and congruent with the digital workspace and work transformation taking place—the work-from-anywhere culture.

With this new name comes new logos! The new product logos for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Meet, as illustrated respectively above, have a consistent look and feel, and incorporate the Google brand colors.

2. Features: Everything you need to get anything done, now in one place.

If your organization currently uses Google Workspace, you most likely are in your Gmail throughout the day. Since this is where we spend much of our time, it makes sense to integrate features that help teams collaborate, such as Meet, Chat, Docs and Tasks. The announcement of Google Workspace also makes available the highly anticipated Integrated Workspace.

3. Plans: Improved SMB and Enterprise Plans

The new Google Workspace pricing plans show Google’s continued commitment to both the SMB and Enterprise. The major change with the new plans is a clear distinction between SMB and Enterprise options. SMB plans are now limited to a maximum of 300 users, while Enterprise plans have no minimum or maximum user limits. The following table illustrates the price ranges across both categories.

This summarizes the three major categories of innovation with the introduction of Google Workspace. To learn more, see the Google Workspace blog announcement, the Google Workspace home page or contact Woolpert if you have any specific questions on getting started or how the changes may affect your existing Google Workspace features and plan.

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