Optimizing a global workforce through better connectivity


According to Chief Technology Officer Ignacio Carrillo-Batalla, after Yummy Rides launched in July 2021, the company saw trips triple from 30,000 to 100,000 in the first two months. The company also experienced internal growth as it expanded into Bolivia and hired employees across North America, Europe, and South America. These developments were met by the challenge of maintaining efficient, organized, and secure business operations with a global workforce and expanding customer base.


  • Real-time data supporting real-time decision-making

  • Simple methods for executing company policies and processes correctly

  • Quick and efficient operations, even on remote and international bases

“Over time, you'll need access control, to be able to store more gigabytes of data, and to operate more efficiently, and I think that won't be possible without Woolpert and Workspace.”


As a result of Google’s recommendation, Yummy began working with Woolpert Digital Innovations to employ more sustainable uses of Google Maps APIs. Corrillo-Batalla noted that Woolpert Digital Innovations was extremely attentive and not only responded to complex issues quickly but resolved them in a timely manner. He explained, “In any situation where we have been affected in an adverse way, we’ve actually been able to come out without any issues thanks to Woolpert Digital Innovations.” Repeat positive experiences like these eventually prompted Yummy to transfer its Google Workspace contract to Woolpert Digital Innovations.


Google Workspace was implemented into Yummy’s portfolio to resolve its efficiency and security concerns. With Google Workspace, Yummy can control access to its company drive, store data securely, and streamline operations. The company built and executed (through the Google Workspace platform) its own policies to diminish the business risks of handling confidential data.

With the Yummy brand launching during the COVID-19 pandemic, Google Workspace provided a fundamental tool for successful remote work. Yummy also relied heavily on a secure platform for video meetings. Using Google Meet, the Yummy team has been able to stay connected securely with enterprise-grade video conferencing built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure.

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