Implementing productivity tools for improved collaboration

Homie Real Estate, a multi-stacked real estate platform, enables best-in-class customer experiences with Google Workspace productivity tools.


The team at Homie Real Estate discovered periodic email disruptions and security issues. This caused operational challenges and negatively impacted customer service. To maximize independent agents’ success, the real estate organization also wanted to equip them with more powerful, flexible collaboration and productivity tools.


  • Eliminates email system blackouts with 99.9% uptime

  • Provides seamless integration for high-value real estate solutions

  • Supports a scalable, optimized collaboration environment

“Google Workspace makes it easy to support 130 users on my own, which can be extremely difficult, but with the combined efforts of Woolpert’s support, I have a wide range of capabilities.”


Since Homie Real Estate operates at a start-up level, their IT department has just one team member. It was important for the company to adopt a solution that came with the right support. Erik Ostebo, IT Manager at Homie Real Estate said, “Choosing Woolpert Digital Innovations as our Google Cloud Premier Partner was vital to the success of Homie Real Estate’s capabilities and usage within Google Workspace.”


Attention to detail is key, ensuring technology standards are modernized and tools are provided to agents to allow for efficient customer experiences. Homie Real Estate looked to overcome these challenges by implementing a solution that innovates internal operations and security, improving how agents work together and with people outside the organization. The company’s approach: adopt Google Workspace with the help of Google Cloud Premier Partner Woolpert Digital Innovations. 

Gmail allows all independent agents across the US to stay connected without the headaches that were associated with the previous system being used. The Woolpert team continues to provide support that enhances Homie’s processes while handling ongoing system maintenance and troubleshooting. These efforts help reduce the workload on Homie’s IT team and ensure that their systems remain up and running efficiently. 

Home real estate agents enjoy Google Workspace apps’ mobile-friendly nature, allowing them to provide exceptional customer service and manage their own storage space as needed. This allows them to easily access customer data and documents while on the go and collaborate with others in real-time. Google Workspace apps also make it simple to securely share documents with clients, ensuring data privacy and security. Google Drive runs on the power of cloud storage to keep all files in one secure place. With the Woolpert team’s support and the extensive collaboration and productivity tools in Google Workspace, Homie Real Estate can provide customers with the best experience while buying and selling properties.

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