Build a real estate marketing platform with Google Maps

Propelio, a one-stop solution for simplified real estate investment uses Google Maps for their real estate marketing platform.


Founded in 2014, Propelio is an all-in-one solution built for real estate investors to find and manage leads. Upon the development of its real estate marketing platform in later years, Propelio knew that integrating a mapping solution was required to bring their Driving for Dollars tool to life.


  • Accurate imagery enables virtual property assessment

  • Familiar interface enhances user confidence

  • Minimal time and frequency of error involved in address searches

“Being able to integrate Google Maps into our platform was a natural feel for someone to grow accustomed to. So the learning curve was much smaller.”


Propelio made the switch to Woolpert Digital Innovations as their Google Cloud partner in 2020. When asked his satisfaction of making the switch, Propelio Founder & CEO Daniel Moore stated, “Customer support was the differentiator. Woolpert Digital Innovations had a team of dedicated people that were there to maximize usage, whereas other vendors that I used didn’t have that level of sophistication.” 

In addition to Google Maps Platform, Propelio works with Woolpert Digital Innovations on their Google Workspace implementation. The team is able to stay in sync and communicate virtually through easy-to-use tools like Google Meet, Gmail and Calendar.


Propelio selected Google Maps Platform to back its real estate platform with a familiar map interface and highly accurate, up-to-date imagery. Leveraging a mapping platform has enabled Propelio to provide customers with an immersive property search experience.

Searching for an investment property’s address is quick and simple due to the predictive search capability of Places API. With a few keystrokes, a list of addresses are provided and autofilled upon selection, significantly reducing the time spent typing and the risk of input error.

Once an address is submitted, users are directed to a new page where they can view relevant property information, its location on a static map and a street perspective image of the property utilizing Street View API. Managing investments, exploring new properties and viewing comps and buyer data is made simple with Google’s dynamic map, where users can pan, zoom and select properties for additional insight.

Propelio’s Drive for Dollars tool enables investors to derive property leads by simply driving down the road. This insightful tool leverages Google’s Roads API feature, “snap-to-roads”, to accurately record the path the car is following in order to obtain property addresses along it.

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