Unveiling the Future of Supply Chain: Key Takeaways from the Gartner Symposium 

Gartner Symposium

Earlier this month, I attended the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium in Orlando, Fla., and it was truly eye-opening. As a supply chain professional, staying ahead of industry trends is essential, and this symposium offered invaluable insights into the future of logistics.  The key takeaways from the Gartner Symposium serve as a roadmap for navigating the […]

Google Maps Platform Launches New Immersive 3D Offerings

Google recently announced two new “immersive” products for Google Maps Platform for displaying 3D map data: Aerial View and Photorealistic 3D Tiles. Both products leverage Google’s textured 3D models—which you may recognize from Google Earth—to provide real-world context and allow developers to craft unique experiences that showcase locations in 3D. Aerial View Aerial View video […]

Cyber threat hunting: Stop zombie accounts from attacking your business

October is for spooky season and cybersecurity awareness month. To mark the occasion, we are focusing on an especially scary topic: zombie accounts.  Zombie accounts, or abandoned accounts, are user accounts left with no verifiable owner. This can happen when employees, including interns and contractors, leave a company, and their accounts are never shut down. […]

Google Cloud Next 2023 Recap

Google Cloud Next 2023 just wrapped up in San Francisco, and our team was thrilled to sponsor and attend in-person. There was a lot of talk about Gen AI as Google announced a range of new services and upgrades for developers and enterprise teams, some of which are already generally available. Read below for some […]

Google Cloud Next 2023: Equip with customer success stories

Google Cloud Next 2023, the global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education, is just around the corner. Now is the time to register and prepare for keynotes, demos and crucial sessions that highlight game-changing technologies and innovations. Woolpert Digital Innovations, a foundation sponsor, will have a prominent presence at this year’s conference, including a dedicated […]

Gen AI and Location-Based Solutions: Exploring the Synergy

Woman voice texting commands

Lately, it seems like every time I turn around, I see something about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the news. Whether I hear about a new technology company built around AI functionality announcing its market debut, or I peruse yet another article discussing the positive and negative impacts of AI in education and the workforce, or […]

NRF 2023 Recap: The Next Generation Retail Experience

NRF 2023 Image

No commercial sector has the power to radically change our communities like retail. The 113th annual convention of the National Retail Federation, NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show, packed in over 175 sessions, more than 350 speakers, and 1,000 exhibitors during the three-day event. In collaboration with Google Cloud, Woolpert Digital Innovations discovered new inspiration, new […]

New Google Address Validation API Brings Clarity

warehouse workers discussion over a digital tablet in a warehouse

Google Maps Platform has been used by companies for years to solve many location-based challenges. One particular application of Google Maps Platform has been validating street addresses. Retailers rely on accurate addresses to ensure their customers’ purchases reach the correct destinations. Shipping companies want to deliver packages efficiently. And organizations that correspond via traditional mail […]

Recapping FinTech’s Biggest Event: Money 20/20

woman buying crypto currency through a smart phone app that is displaying the growth graph

Money 20/20 has been shaping the future of fintech for a decade now, with thousands of leading companies, high-profile speakers and dynamic event experiences. The Woolpert Digital Innovations team was among those who attended Money 20/20 in Las Vegas.  During the event, a great deal of emphasis was placed on digital payments, cybersecurity and fraud as well as […]

Embracing the Voice of the Customer for Improved Business Solutions

group of business people with two shaking hands and the rest clapping

As a Google Premier Partner, our job is to provide solutions for our customers. We support their cloud and location-based service needs, help them maximize their investment across the major Google platforms, and empower them to overcome challenges like growth, scaling, improving efficiencies and keeping costs under control. To ensure we are optimally serving our […]