Google Maps Directions API and the Traveling Salesman Problem

man posing as if in a car from the side holding a steering wheel and the car is a line drawing in the background

Known and loved as the de facto standard for finding directions from point A to point B, the Google Maps Platform Directions API can do so much more than just find simple directions. It also can tackle what’s known as the traveling salesman problem (TSP)—the need to determine the most cost-efficient route across multiple destinations. […]

How GeoAwareness Optimizes Buy Online Pick Up in Store

restaurant worker handing a bag of food to someone in there car

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we shop. With mandated stay-at-home orders and generalized concern for exposure to the virus, consumers have increasingly turned to self-service models to buy food, household goods and all sorts of other products. Restaurants and retailers, many of whom are traditionally dine-in/shop-in-store establishments, have been scrambling to meet the […]

10 Google Workspace Tips for Working With Remote Teams

video call at a desk in an office with papers showing graphs and charts

1. Hold video meetings and events while working with remote teams. If you work on a team that’s spread across the globe, Google Meet lets you stay connected from anywhere in the world, at any time—all from a computer or mobile device. Join a video meeting to brainstorm ideas, work on team projects, hold virtual […]

Google Workspace: The Future of the Digital Workspace

first person view of someone sitting at a desk on a video call on the laptop with pen in one hand and coffee mug in the other

Innovation, by definition, is “a new idea, method or device.” In short, innovation means change—and not just any change, but a change for the better. The new Google Workspace is innovation times three. With the introduction of Google Workspace this month, the future of the digital workspace looks bright with three distinct areas of innovation: new branding, new features […]

Lock It Up: Protecting Your Cloud Network

hand around a digital image of a cloud

Several large-scale trends are shaping the modern IT workplace. Today’s workforce is decentralizing by shifting away from traditional office settings in favor of remote locations. At the same time, cybersecurity incidents are on the rise and new ransomware attacks hit our news feeds regularly. While a decentralized workforce does provide many management benefits, it also […]

Who Are You? Google Cloud Identity and Identity Access Management

arial view of people and their shadows in a public space

For most of us, the cloud is ubiquitous—at least here in the United States, with nearly 95% of the population enjoying internet availability. In the past few decades, we have experienced software-as-a-service (SaaS) move us into our browsers, smartphones instigate the mobile movement and COVID-19 swell the work-from-home wave. The cloud is in our consumer and […]

Dissecting the Layers of Mapping APIs

graphic design image of map with arrow and green rings around it

The world of geospatial software development offers a wide menu of application programming interfaces (APIs) to support myriad mapping needs. Some are well-recognized and solve common problems across a multitude of industries, like Google Maps. Others, like OpenLayers, are less popular with the masses but have been a mainstay of GIS web developers for years. […]

2022 Shoptalk Conference Recap: Top Technology For Retailers

two women talking with one holding a smart tablet in a clothing store

Believe the hype. After two years of meeting virtually, it was amazing to be a part of the biggest retail reunion in late March, when the Woolpert team attended 2022 Shoptalk conference in Las Vegas. After years of virtual sharing, it felt like a kinked hose was untangled, flooding the conference rooms and exhibition floor […]

Logistics Solutions: A Deep Dive into Google Maps Platform

woman delivering a package to another woman

With its impressive points of interest catalog, extensive imagery layers and global street views, Google has long led the digital map and data space. It only makes sense that Google will surge ahead as a key provider of logistics solutions and mobility. Last-mile and on-demand solutions are the latest examples of Google’s trailblazing capabilities in […]

Food on Demand Conference Conveys Hunger for Digital Technologies

graphic design image of person on a moped with a package on the back and a skyline background with a smart phone and image of a map on it

1P, 3P, DSP, drone delivery, ghost kitchens and autonomous robots delivering food on the campus of The Ohio State University… this is just a sample of the digital technologies presented and conversations heard above the din of networking restaurant owners, franchisees and technology providers at the recent Food on Demand Conference in Las Vegas. (These terms apply […]