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Complete critical projects.

In combination with Google Earth Engine, Planet Satellite Monitoring provides holistic government solutions through a continuous monitoring service, enabling critical projects like construction, disaster response and agricultural land use identification to  be completed more timely and efficiently. Plus, you can share information visually in real time through a familiar map interface, providing only necessary information to constituents with access to multiple device options.

For example, aerial and satellite imagery data collection supports the monitoring and management of land development, agricultural growing seasons and more.

Create engaging spaces.

Build interactive maps for users to search and explore places of interest, including the attractions and restaurants of downtowns and city centers, parks and recreation biking/hiking trails, land development and new construction, or government campuses.

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Connect your team and secure your data.

Launch your operation on Google Workspace to create individual emails for employees, share and access relevant documents and store information securely on Google Cloud. Leverage Cloud Essentials services to help implement security and collaboration best practices as well as identity and access management.

Our migration services focused not just on data migration and technology requirements, but also on the workforce collaboration efforts surrounding organizational change and work transformation. We can help you align your productivity suite integration to your organization’s cloud and digital transformation initiatives.

Access support when you need it.

We’ll be there every step of the way to get you started, optimize your processes and ensure your platforms are efficient and cost-effective.

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