Easily find store locations with Google Maps Autocomplete API

Staples developed a web and mobile app to help customers locate stores across North America with Google Maps Autocomplete API and other key products.


Staples has more than 1,600 stores throughout North America. The company wanted to help customers easily find the nearest store, along with driving directions and distances. While this service was a priority, the team didn’t want to spend excessive time, money and resources building their own mapping infrastructure.


  • Easily search and buy products online, then pickup orders in store

  • Ensure delivery locations are accurate when customers shop online

  • Quickly find nearby Staples stores and seamlessly display driving directions

“With Google Maps, we’ve been able to very easily build a website and mobile apps that let people quickly find a nearby Staples store and get directions to it.”


Staples chose Google Maps and Google Maps APIs because of their familiar mapping interface and tools for easy integration with Staples’ website and mobile apps. To help people find stores near them, Staples used the Google Maps Javascript API to build a location-finder map on its website.

The iOS mobile app uses the Google Maps SDK for iOS for the store locator, and the Android app uses the Google Maps Android API. To make it easier to find stores, the website uses autocomplete to fill in the full name of a location when a user types in only the first few letters.

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