Delivering engaging shopping experience with Indoor Maps

Madison + Fifth is delivering an engaging, interactive experience for visitors at Liberty Center thanks to Indoor Maps by Google Maps.


Madison + Fifth was approached to provide an accessible, intuitive method of directing visitors to Liberty Center, a retail center just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The end goal was to develop something unique — not just a standard kiosk and printed directory.


  • Dining and shopping at Liberty Center is more convenient with less travel time

  • Using the app, shoppers can zoom in and out around property to explore shops and other destinations

  • Utilizing the touchscreen kiosks or the Web app on their smartphones, visitors can get customized walking directions

“We chose Google Maps and Google Maps APIs to do it because Google offers a familiar interface for our customers, lets us layer custom information on top of maps and provides a platform that will allow us to add new features, like delivering relevant, location-based ads.”


Madison + Fifth built a solution that works on touchscreen kiosks and mobile devices to detect visitors’ locations and give them interactive walking directions in real time using indoor maps built with Google Maps Platform. The team decided to build a Web app to avoid maintaining apps on multiple devices, and to prevent visitors with smartphones from having to download anything to use the service.

This also allows the directory to work with both touchscreen kiosks and iOS and Android devices. In both cases, the app accounts for the kiosk’s large screen size and the smartphone’s smaller screen size, automatically scaling to either option.

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