Google Next 2023 Cloud Cast Minisode 4

Join us for a special edition of Cloud Cast Minisodes to learn more about Google Cloud Next sponsored by Woolpert Digital Innovations with Alec Berger, our Cloud Sales Leader. Alec discusses how to prepare for Next ’23, which sessions to attend, and how Gen AI will have a huge impact on this year’s biggest tech […]

Google Next 2023 Cloud Cast Minisode 3

Like a lot of us, Woolpert Digital Innovations’  Head of Cloud Geography & Geospatial AI, George Azzari is ecstatic to attend Google Cloud Next to talk about where AI and Google Earth Engine capabilities can take us! Tune in to the 3rd issue of our Cloud Clast minisodes series and find out what else George is […]

Google Next 2023 Cloud Cast Minisode 2

In this special edition of Cloud Cast Minisodes, Rick Bennett discusses how Google Cloud Next offers great networking opportunities, 2023 tech trends, and the latest in location-based cloud tools from Woolpert Digital Innovations and Google. To learn more, visit our NEXT ’23 website here:

Google Next 2023 Cloud Cast Minisode 1

Google NEXT 2023 Hero Image

In this special edition of Cloud Cast Minisodes, Jeremy Quam discusses his experience at Google Cloud NEXT conferences over the years, what to expect at Woolpert Digital Innovations’ booth, 2023 tech trends, and what he is looking forward to talking with customers and partners the most on the future of cloud and geospatial technology.  To […]

Cloud Cast by Woolpert Digital Innovations: Cloud Essentials Q&A

two young men working together at a laptop in an office building late at night

Grace Opena, Associate Google Cloud Engineer and Digital Leader, and Nick Miceli, Google Certified Cloud Architect, discuss security and collaboration solutions for your business. Woolpert Digital Innovations developed Cloud Essentials to address common pain points for organizations adopting Google Cloud Platform into their multi-cloud environment.  Cloud Cast by Woolpert Digital Innovations: Cloud Essentials Q&A, we […]

GeoAwareness 101 – Predefined Geofence

Businessman paying for hotel room at reception

In this audiocast, Jeremy Quam and David Hollema will explore Woolpert Digital Innovations’ solution, GeoAwareness, and the benefits of a predefined geofence with arrival tracking technology – in more industries than you think.

Google Maps Platform: Last-Mile Delivery

Woman receiving parcel at the door

Last Mile Fleet Solution helps fleet operators create exceptional delivery experiences, from e-commerce order to doorstep delivery. It allows your business to optimize across every stage of the last-mile delivery journey: capturing valid addresses, planning delivery routes, efficiently navigating drivers, tracking shipment progress, and analyzing fleet performance. We can’t wait to get moving with you.

Top 10 Advantages of Mobility Solutions – Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics image

Google Maps Platform has helped some of the industry’s hottest players develop functionality to track drivers, optimize routes and increase order accuracy. Discover how you can transform routing and delivery across your transportation and logistics business using these Google-backed tools and tips.