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Interstate Batteries looks to Woolpert Digital Innovations not only for location technology opportunity but also for support and engineering expertise.

Sara Lane Bui, Senior Manager of Brand & Digital Strategy at Interstate Batteries stated, “Woolpert Digital Innovations is an ideal partner. Your team is always so quick to respond to our questions, plus extremely proactive. We get the latest Google updates through Woolpert Digital Innovations, which in response, has led us to add on other services such as the new Google pin options. With the help of your support team, we are now working on creating and implementing our own animated pins.”


Established in 1952, Interstate Batteries is the most trusted brand of automotive batteries. With a network of over 150,000 dealers, the likelihood of an Interstate Batteries location being within five minutes of many customers is extremely high. Because Interstate Batteries recognized the lack of significant data in its own infrastructure, the company sought a solution for customers to quickly and easily locate nearby locations.

“Implementing a location solution was key for our business plan, and finding the right partner created a better experience around our Google relationship thanks to Woolpert Digital Innovations.”
Sara Lane Bui
Senior Manager of Brand & Digital Strategy, Interstate Batteries


  • Easy-to-use interface with innovative functionality
  • Advanced customization of map features
  • Seamless scalability as the customer base grows


Interstate Batteries measures its web conversion rates around location data. Location being their primary driver in all marketing campaigns, on average, Google Maps Platform provides them with a 17% conversion rate for location. The two biggest conversion points are finding the right battery for a specific vehicle and determining the closest Interstate location.

Using Geolocation APIs, the company can default website customers automatically to the closest physical location. Interstate Batteries uses Geocoding APIs to convert addresses to geographic coordinates, enabling customers to locate their stores quickly.

Searching for a replacement battery service shop is quick and simple due to the predictive search capability of Places API. With a few keystrokes, a list of addresses is provided and automatically filled upon selection, significantly reducing the time spent typing and the risk of input error.

Interstate Batteries also utilizes Autocomplete APIs, helping users quickly find the exact location they’re looking for by automatically suggesting the specific location and point of interest as they type. If the consumer searches, “Interstat…” into the Google Maps Search Engine, Autocomplete APIs correct the typed search to “Interstate Batteries” showing the closest locations nearest to them. Along with Google Maps Platform, Google Cloud plays a huge role in scaling and storing data seamlessly as Interstate Batteries grow.

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