Build strategic delivery solutions into your business

Trexity provides same-day delivery and real-time tracking with Google Maps Platform strategic delivery solutions.


Based in Ottawa, Trexity provides local delivery services for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to compete with larger retailers. As part of its mission, Trexity developed a mobile app to be used by couriers and a platform where customers can track deliveries in real time. With the need to bake a map directly into its platform, Trexity recognized Google Maps as the most familiar and reliable strategic delivery solution.


  • Plan optimal routes to reflect fleet’s needs

  • User confidence with familiar mapping interface

  • Visibility into accurate delivery ETAs

“Woolpert Digital Innovations was recommended to us by Google because we had infrastructure issues and questions around fleet optimization. Our team benefits from their expertise in mobility and premium customer support.”


The Woolpert Digital Innovations team helped Trexity curate a foolproof product plan around routing needs that kept Trexity at the center of the process. 

The Woolpert team helped keep Trexity in the loop with new Google updates and the strategic delivery solutions best-suited for their needs. Darren Schnare, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder at Trexity said, “Working with Woolpert Digital Innovations has created new opportunities for our routing and fleet management needs. We are a fast-moving startup, so things can change on the fly. As a leading expert in mobility, Woolpert Digital Innovations has always been there to answer my questions and assist us in developing future plans.”


Mobility solutions by Google Maps Platform helped Trexity achieve two main goals: to help local companies build delivery into their business and obtain better rates for better routes—all while keeping the customer at the core. 

Woolpert Digital Innovations partnered with Trexity to provide the following strategic delivery solutions to enhance their transportation and logistics operations: 

  • Geocoding APIs validate every delivery address to eliminate the hassle of tracking down lost packages.
  • Directions and Distance Matrix APIs retrieve distance and ETA data for quick delivery estimates.
  • Google Optimization provides Trexity’s merchants with faster delivery time for their customers through efficient, curated routes for their couriers.


Woolpert Digital Innovations also helped Trexity develop a dispatching solution using Google Optimization to increase fleet efficiency by assigning drivers based on driving ETA, custom ranking models, or real-time traffic. The Trexity team found it easy to implement and the end users enjoyed the familiar interface.

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