Creating custom software solutions with Google Maps Platform

Network Ninja works with Woolpert Digital Innovations to create custom software solutions with Google Maps Platform.


Founded in 1998, fully remote Network Ninja provides software solutions for clients in the U.S., Canada and U.K.  that specialize in law, social services and field marketing. As its client base grew, Network Ninja recognized its need for an accurate mapping solution as well as its desire to avoid spending excessive time, money and resources to build its mapping infrastructure.


  • Accurate, up-to-date asset tracking

  • Easy-to-use interface with innovative functionality

  • Seamless scalability as the customer base grows

“Google Maps is an absolutely integral part of our application and our business. It's easy to work with, robust, full featured and has awesome support from Woolpert Digital Innovations when we need it.”


The Network Ninja team began working with Woolpert Digital Innovations in 2016 based on Google’s recommendation. Since then, they have been pleased with the quality of Woolpert Digital Innovations’ customer service and expertise. COO Andy Plax stated, “[Woolpert Digital Innovations] genuinely looks after our best interests, which is rarethey ask pertinent questions, and offer suggestions per our requirementsvery considerate.” 

Senior Developer Robin de Bled added, “Woolpert Digital Innovations has always been great; their technical skills go above and beyond.”


Thanks to its familiarity and wide range of tools, the Google Maps Platform was a simple choice for Network Ninja. Network Ninja uses many Google Maps APIs to best serve its MainEvent marketing clients such as Verizon, Monster Energy, Jagermeister and most notably, the Oscar Meyer WeinerMobile. Some of these APIs include Geolocation, JavaScript, Places, Distance Matrix and Static Maps

  • Geolocation makes it possible for clients to track and verify representative locations using Network Ninja’s comprehensive dashboard.
  • With Time Zone API, Network Ninja is able to easily determine local times for events happening across the country, allowing clients to stay on schedule.
  • The Static Maps API provides “…the ability to draw on our mapsto do those overlays, we make very heavy use of that. All sorts of data items happen on maps,”  de Bled stated. 
  • Users can easily find nearby stores and facilities using Places API within Network Ninja’s app by simplifying address input.

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