Strategic delivery solutions powered by Google Maps

Thrive, a point-of-sale software designed for pizza and other delivery services, builds strategic delivery solutions with Google Maps.


When designing Thrive POS software, Granbury Solutions quickly realized the importance of integrating a reliable mapping solution into the platform. Alex Schittko, Information Technology Manager at Granbury Solutions, explained that Thrive needed reliable and accurate maps to help delivery drivers easily navigate to their destinations. With a clear understanding of drivers’ priorities, Granbury Solutions wanted to include the absolute best maps in Thrive.


  • Accurate directions and drop-off points

  • Familiar, confidence-building map interface

  • Fast, efficient delivery routes with traffic notifications

“The second a customer sees that the product uses Google Maps, you can feel a sense of relief.”


Information Technology Manager, Alex Schittko, expressed that working with Woolpert Digital Innovations as Thrive’s Google Maps provider has been a positive experience. “Everybody at Woolpert Digital Innovations is great. They’re always there, looking for new solutions to our problems,” he said. Schittko appreciates that Woolpert Digital Innovations is readily available to work through issues and keep him updated on new products and features.

In addition to implementing Google Maps through Woolpert Digital Innovations, the Granbury Solutions team also uses Google Workspace to collaborate and connect seamlessly.


Granbury Solutions realized that Google Maps Platform would be the perfect for Thrive’s strategic delivery solutions. “We didn’t know of any other mapping services on the market that offered the accuracy of Google Maps,” Schittko said. Google Maps Platform offered exactly what Thrive required to supply customers with an easy-to-use and reliable delivery solution. Directions API gives delivery drivers accurate directions to their destinations, and added traffic layers highlight the most efficient routes. All route information is displayed on the familiar Dynamic Map interface. Thrive also employs the Geocoding API to provide precise drop-off points, and for additional insight, drivers can use Street View API for a street-level perspective.

Schittko praised the significance of Google Maps Platform’s reliability and accuracy, as well as its customer-familiar interface. These factors give drivers confidence in Thrive software, leading to the on-time delivery of fresh meals to correct locations.

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