Monitoring assets with Google Maps route optimization

Nuve, a global leader for cargo visibility and protection technology, utilizes Google Maps route optimization to protect and monitor assets.


Nuve identified a unique opportunity to expand its software and better help asset management companies protect, control and monitor their assets. Nearly all Nuve clients using trailers or other equipment to haul merchandise need intelligent locking mechanisms to control when and where specific merchandise can be accessed. Nuve recognized how significant it was to provide route optimization features in its products and sought an external mapping solution that was powerful yet easy-to-use.


  • Easy-to-use APIs expedite development and bring new features to market quickly

  • Familiar interface enables users to enjoy the mapping experience to which they are accustomed

  • Optimizable routes save time and money

“Woolpert Digital Innovations has been nothing but great, responsive and incredibly supportive partners. We couldn’t do what we do without them.”


Nuve has partnered with Woolpert Digital Innovations on the implementation of Google Maps since 2016. Woolpert has provided Nuve with innovative solutions and fantastic technical support. The Nuve team praised Woolpert’s support and proactive approach in this statement by Nuve CEO, Antonio Arocha, “We have been working with Woolpert Digital Innovations for six years and I have been nothing but satisfied with the customer service and technical knowledge they offer us. I was blown away.”


Google Maps Platform was the clear choice for Nuve due to its well-known interface and ease of use. Rather than having customers give drivers access to drop-off zones, Nuve used geo zones for authorized drop-off zones and automated access processes for analytics, routing and implemented routes. Since many of Nuve’s clients are international, Google Maps Platform’s Reverse Geocoding APIs enabled easy integration and flexibility worldwide. 

With Distance Matrix API and Directions API, calculating distances, drive times and directions between coordinates is simple. With Dynamic Maps, Nuve can display client locations, routes and other information useful for employees so they can better serve clients. Assets are displayed on the familiar Google dynamic map, which can be customized easily to reflect a client’s branding and preferred display settings. 

Additionally, the integrated Geocoding and Directions APIs simplify service scheduling and routing. “Routing is a big part of what we do, as well as providing safe measures for all of our clients. Google Maps makes this possible for us,” stated Antonio Arocha, CEO of Nuve.

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