Improve route planning & increase demand with Fleet Optimization

Built on Google Cloud, Trexity provides same-day delivery and real-time tracking with Cloud Fleet Routing and fleet optimization.


Founded in Ottawa, Trexity aims to compete with larger retailers by providing local delivery services to small and medium-sized businesses. With this in mind, they developed two products: a mobile app that couriers can use to execute deliveries and a platform that provides clients with real-time tracking data. With the need to provide their client base with an optimized and secure user experience, Trexity turned to Google Cloud for fleet optimization.


  • Plan optimal routes to reflect fleet’s needs

  • Store and retrieve any type or amount of data as often as needed

  • Write, debug, and run cloud-native applications quickly and easily

“Woolpert Digital Innovations was recommended to us by Google because we had infrastructure issues and questions around fleet optimization. Our team benefits from their expertise in mobility and premium customer support.”


The Woolpert Digital Innovations team helped Trexity curate a foolproof product plan around routing needs and fleet optimization that kept Trexity at the center of the process. 

Our team helped keep Trexity in the loop with new Google updates and the solutions best-suited for their needs. Darren Schnare, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder at Trexity said, “Working with Woolpert Digital Innovations has created new opportunities for our routing and fleet management needs. We are a fast-moving startup, so things can change on the fly. As a leading expert in mobility, Woolpert Digital Innovations has always been there to answer my questions and assist us in developing future plans.”


Trexity uses Optimization AI to solve operational optimization problems rapidly and at massive scale. One feature Trexity uses within this API is Cloud Fleet Routing, a managed routing service that takes a list of Trexity’s orders, vehicles, constraints, and objectives and returns the most efficient plan for their entire fleet in real-time. This allows for Trexity to keep drivers out of slowdowns, maximize their fleet optimization, schedule inactive vehicles for maintenance and decrease late deliveries. 

Trexity also uses Cloud Functions to run their code in the cloud with no servers or containers to manage. This allowed them to build and deploy their first Cloud Function using only a web browser and Quickstart. Trexity’s developers can write unique, event driven code and Google Cloud handles the operational infrastructure, giving them a simplified experience and virtually unlimited scalability – plus they only pay for what they use.

Google Cloud databases provide scalability, reliability and security for Trexity’s applications. In order to build an industry-leading, data-driven application, Trexity used several types of Google Cloud databases, including Cloud SQL, which is a fully managed cloud-based alternative to local MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases. Thus, their developers are freed from administration tasks, so they can focus more on using the database instead of managing it. Trexity uses BigQuery as another specialized database type, as it is an Enterprise Data Warehouse allowing them to store and analyze their data all in one place. 

Trexity is also using Cloud Speech API to convert speech-to-text in their mobile application. This allows their support teams to review transcripts from calls made within the mobile app to customers and merchants. The result is an expedited effort for handling questions, concerns and potential disputes. Trexity leverages Google’s most advanced algorithms for ASR (automatic speech recognition) to provide a superior, and more secure user experience.

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