Achieving a better customer experience in last mile delivery

VanOnGo Uses Mobility Solutions by Google Maps Platform to power last mile urban delivery SaaS across europe.


Based in Estonia, VanOnGo is a delivery orchestration Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that connects and digitalises last-mile delivery fleets. Creating a positive experience for consumers, merchants, fleets, and drivers has been VanOnGo’s mission since the beginning, and VanOnGo recognised the importance of incorporating mobility solutions into its technology. Keeping the user at its core, VanOnGo sought to create an accurate and innovative solution for the last-mile delivery space.


  • Ability to combine prescheduled and on-demand delivery orders on the fly

  • Efficient driver routes with real-time traffic tracking and ETA updates in case of delays

  • Transparent control over the delivery process for retailers, brands, and end consumers

  • Seamless driver experience with in-app navigation

“Using Woolpert Digital Innovations’ expertise in mobility solutions, we can deliver a unique, customer-centric experience and disrupt the market with Google Maps Platform. VanOnGo's mission is to transform logistics from a traditional cost function into a business growth and delivery experience.”


VanOnGo partnered with Woolpert Digital Innovations as its premier Google partner to implement multiple mobility solutions. With Woolpert’s leadership and technical support, VanOnGo successfully integrated Google Maps APIs into its delivery orchestration platform.

“We have a customer-first mindset, and Woolpert Digital Innovations shares the same. Whenever we need top-of-the-line technical support or new capabilities, their team of experts are there to ensure our solution is best in class. It truly shows they care about our growth and vision.” said Rostyslav Rudzinsky, Chief Communications Officer at VanOnGo.


As a part of Last Mile Fleet Solutions, VanOnGo uses Route Optimisation, a toolkit that leverages Directions API and Distance Matrix API as inputs into its own Dispatching Engine. With this capability, VanOnGo offers drivers more sustainable routing options based on estimated fuel consumption. Predicting future travel times using historic time-of-day and day-of-week traffic data helps move deliveries to consumers faster and with more precise ETAs. 

VanOnGo also leverages the Navigation SDK and Driver SDK to embed the Google Maps experience into its driver application. Using this feature, VanOnGo gives drivers an overview of their day so they can easily adjust their route plan and get to their destinations on time. Drivers can efficiently complete tasks right from the app with Driver Routing & Navigation, which includes turn-by-turn directions, lane level guidance, and speed limits.

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