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Founder of, John Keene, said “Even if you don’t need a reseller, I have been very pleased with the support we’ve received from the Woolpert Digital Innovations crew.”

Keene shared that the largest benefit of working with Woolpert has been receiving readily available and helpful technical support.

When his company saw an unexplained spike in usage, Keene reported that Woolpert went the extra mile to diagnose and solve the issue.

challenge identified an opportunity to develop a platform for single and multi-location field service businesses to manage their day-to-day tasks and alleviate the pain points associated with overseeing a fleet. From the start of’s journey, mapping was a key factor. Finding an intelligent, scalable and easy-to-use mapping solution was essential.

“These things grouped together create a competitive advantage for our product because you can now outsource call handling, maximize your schedule efficiency and create a more natural call flow. This is enabled by the fact that we built everything on top of Google Maps Platform.”
John Keene


  • Automatic placement of inbound call contacts on a map with nearby customers can quickly and easily address questions about area service calls
  • Comprehensive customer data on location maps supports the creation of custom tracking zones


Google Maps Platform was the clear choice for due to its well-known interface and ease of use. Operators can use Place Search to quickly and accurately record customer addresses. With only a few characters entered, Places API quickly returns a list of address suggestions to save time and minimize the risk of human error.

In addition, Place Autocomplete API will provide coordinates for an address and place them on a map to visually represent customer locations. Calculating distances, drive times and directions between coordinates is a cinch thanks to Distance Matrix API and Directions API. This wealth of valuable location data is brought to life using Dynamic Maps, where can display helpful information to employees, such as customer locations, routes and more.

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